Google AdWords Advertising

Is your business being found by potential customers? How can you optimize your click through rate to target only the most valuable paid searches?

Comet’s PPC campaigns place your website at the top of the search results page each time someone searches for keywords linked to your business. The cost-per-click model means we decide which keywords you will pay for, reducing your costs over time with continual optimization.

At Comet, we’re experts in building and managing professional search ad campaigns…


In search advertising, Google is king. We do however also offer campaigns on Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. Together these search engines represent virtually 100% of all online searches. Advertising on secondary search engines will increase your traffic and give you that competitive edge. By looking at success metrics like the number of impressions, clicks,cost per click, conversions search impression share, quality score ad position and search queries we can refine and optimize Ad campaigns over time. Whether your target is local or international, PPC is truly performance-based advertising.

In conjunction with these methods we offer additional PPC strategies on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Search Engine Optimization

What’s a top-notch website without traffic?

If you want to be more visible by search engines, SEO is a worthwhile investment. Unlike online advertising, which can immediately position your ad in the first place of the paid results section, SEO is a long-term process to boost your site’s organic ranking (where a website appears within natural or unpaid search results).

How do I get my website to be at the top of organic search results?

…by boosting your site’s relevance and authority for specific keywords

Maybe you know that the golden rule of SEO is content, our SEO focuses on quality content.That’s why our SEO service includes in-depth keyword and competitor research, website analysis, on-page optimization, quality link building, guest posting, and targeted content writing.

The payoff is two-fold:

1. Traffic is free

2. Higher click rate than paid ads

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Display Advertising

Whether your need is branding or lead generation, Display Advertising offers a new level of transparency never possible in online advertising. Not only can you select the “how”, “where” and “who” of ad targeting, you can see real data on how ads perform.

In addition to targeting new individuals online, we use Display Ads to create retargeting campaigns. By focusing on past visitors, we can gently nudge them back to convert on your website. It is a pleasant surprise to see the impact that a re-targeting banner ad can have on Return On Advertising Spend.
Display Ads can be shown on the Google Display Network, independent display networks, and across social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Ad formats to choose from include banner (image), text, and video ads. Our team of expert graphic designers will create ads that are specifically tailored for your content and audience.
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Social Media Management


Looking for channels to generate new leads and develop your reputation?

We help clients leverage social media for more than just branding. While most forms of advertising deliver a temporary audience, we use social platforms to build a long-term audience for our clients. By reaching out and developing a direct relationship with consumers, clients are able to nurture brand loyalty.

Like, shares, and other engagement metrics aside, social media can also create a ripple effect, leading to more branded searches and word-of-mouth referrals. At the end of the day, we evaluate everything in terms of client ROI.

We will analyze which social media platforms are adapted to your business targets. We can then create and manage profiles, develop new content and track engagement rates of your posts.

We give you a competitive edge by tracking changes in your industry. Our recommendations are linked to what people are saying about your brand, competitors’ brand and the sector in general.

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Email Marketing

Are subscribers receiving your emails? Are your newsletters going straight to spam?

Qualified leads are the ultimate goal of online marketing.


We create beautiful email campaigns that specifically target the interests of each of your contacts. Comet’s professional email marketing services use a first class mailing system, email address verification, and other methods to ensure high delivery rates. We also conduct A/B testing to ensure the message we broadcast is just right.

We offer clients both fully-managed and self-managed solutions.

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